7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Mobile This Year

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Mobile This YearThe business world is a dog-eat-dog endeavor, and much like an animal, businesses must adapt to survive. While often these changes are at the behest of competition, sometimes sweeping technological changes necessitate a change. With devices and capabilities growing over the past few years, mobile has become the new game-changer and king-maker. Here’s why you should embrace the change to the benefit of your operations, and your revenue.

Your Customers Expect It
As consumer applications continue to adapt to the mobile-first ecosystem, those expectations begin to trickle into the B2B realm. Whether it’s a mobile optimized website or a dedicated mobile application, the expectation among consumers and businesses alike is that mobile solutions will be available when the need arises. With this in mind, it’s difficult to conjure reasons why your business shouldn’t go mobile, since failing to do so will likely lead to brand damaging frustration.

Your Competitors Already Did
If your customers expect it, then your competitors already fulfilled their wishes. Even if not explicitly true, this assumption should be the modus operandi of businesses wishing to stay abreast of the market. Moving to mobile has benefits in its own rite, but doing so before your competitors helps cement the perception that your company cares about your customer needs, and has its finger on the pulse of web and technological development.

You’ll Enhance Communication In The Field
Businesses change dynamically, constantly. For this reason, communicating new deals, features, and incentives to your sales team as they develop is crucial. With mobile capabilities, such as cloud storage and mobile enabled IM, everyone from product developers to salespeople to managers can stay on the same page; an important aspect of a well-oiled operation.

Your Sales Team Will Be More Responsive
Opportunities arise on a moment’s notice, and capitalizing on them requires agility. To this end, mobile solutions offer unparalleled responsiveness not only in communications, but in logistics as well. Does a customer need a product demo but they only have 15 minutes over lunch? A salesperson can be there on a moment’s notice. After all, lightning never strikes the same place twice, and every sale is lightning to a small business.

You’ll Collect Better Analytics
If you haven’t yet heard the term “Big Data”, it’s only a matter of time. Distributed analytics collection is driving comprehensive analysis models that are improving business operations and product development. With the ability to communicate these analytics back-and-forth between business and field teams, you can leverage the power of Big Data without the expense of distributed, Internet enabled devices. In essence, your teams become the collection devices, and their performance reaps the benefit.

Your Sales Conversion Will Benefit
Organic interest in your product is the holy grail of marketing, but unfulfilled curiosity is its kryptonite. Customers able to research products and services from mobile devices participated in some form of sales conversation 28% of the time, according to a study by Google. Combine this statistic with the expectation that relevant information will be available on mobile devices, and it’s easy to see why more businesses are going mobile in 2014.

You Can’t Afford Not To
There have been times in history when adaptation to new technologies was optional, usually because the technology had a limited lifespan. This, however, is not one of those instances. The move to mobile is not a technological fad, it is the natural progression of technology to be more convenient, more adaptable to our circumstances, and more responsive to our needs. So, despite the additional cost of adapting your platform and solutions to the web, the cost is truly, non-negotiable. The up-side? The change will benefit your business in the long-run, outweighing the initial investment by a considerable margin.

So while the new marketplace has its challenges, “going mobile” is a profound benefit in the long-term. With evolving customer expectations and a more crowded marketplace, your team will be ready, with better communications, improved agility, more comprehensive analytics, and the tools they need to turn opportunities into revenue. So add a new resolution to your list in 2014 and prepare for a more profitable, more mobile, New Year.

Originally published: Seven Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Mobile This Year
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Written by: Orrin Broberg